2022-10-21 (F) Weekly Summary

I swapped out the stock throttle for a thumb-operated one I liked better, and that was a chance to correct the faulty wiring. There were a couple of problems with my left skate, but I got them sorted out and scooted across the shop, where I smashed into a wall. I also did a road test that I didn't record, but it went smoothly and reached maximum speed.
Shop test (0:09)

The cables between the controller and wheel were too short. You can see me holding it against my thigh in the video. I extended the encoder and power wires, then protected everything with spiral wrap.
Extended cables

I bought the parts to use the included brake, but I messed up the process several times with incorrect measurements and the wrong tools. Skating with a brake is fantastic for confidence, and I would like to include them in the next project.
Brake cable and handle

I put some finishing touches on the skates, like a wheel alignment and cable protection, then took them out for another test. I am happy to complete this project and am excited to make a better version. Someday.
Demo (0:22)

The skates need 24VDC, and my power tools are 12VDC, so I've been linking a couple of them in series, which works fine, but I have to carry a lot of hardware in a backpack. Since I was lugging so much, I thought I might as well integrate other useful power sources, so I started constructing a general power pack with USB, a 12V car outlet, a 120V power inverter, and 24V for the skates.
Wearable power pack parts

I mounted the most significant components and connected their wiring to a screw terminal. Some wires were too large, but I modified them to fit under the screw terminal. The inverter needed a couple of screws drilled into its plastic carrier, but everything else mounted smoothly.
Wiring some components

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