2022-11-11 (F) Weekly Summary

I introduced ramping to my Arduino sketch so my speed won't shoot up if I bump the joystick. Even if I push it to the max, the program will take a few seconds to reach the max speed. I bought a thigh bag to hold the battery, ESC, and Arduino, which freed up my hands, but I had to lengthen the potentiometer wire, leading to significant interference. I am going to switch to a wireless controller scheme.
Highly portable

The first step to a wireless remote was discovering that I lacked the correct Bluetooth units and ordering some. The following steps were modifying the program to move the servo according to incoming serial data, splitting the program into a sender and receiver, then programming the transmitting side to generate a signal based on the potentiometer.
Duplicated signal

I received a new Bluetooth module and one of the ones I already owned. My existing ones can only accept pairing requests, but the new ones can initiate them. I programmed them with USB↔serial converters and connected them to my circuit, where I made the servos move in unison, but they were linked wirelessly this time.
Bluetooth connectivity

I moved my electronics off their solderless breadboards onto prototyping PCBs. I didn't need components because I just wanted to provide a sturdy place to mount my processor, modules, and servo plugs.
Prototyping boards

I wrote a program to check the fidelity of my motor timing pulses. The sketch ran on a third Arduino while the first two communicated like they would in practice. I saw some jitter in the results, but I wonder if they're enough to cause the problems I felt while riding.
Timing measurements

I wrote another program that measured differently. The first one looked at each cycle's signal level and started a timer if it went high. The new one used interrupts to record when the signal changed immediately. The methods showed a 1.4% or 2.4% jitter, so I will investigate other generating methods to see if that's reasonable.
pulseIn() v interrupts

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