2022-11-22 (Tu) PoweredInlineSkatesRev2 Printing accurate RPMs

I tried to dampen the magnetic field on my motor pulley by covering it with a steel washer, but I didn't see any difference in the readings and left it in place.

I ran the motor for a while to get a sizable data set and processed it to get the min, max, span, and average for three subsequent readings. I graphed the results, which were astoundingly consistent compared to everything I've seen. I changed speed during the test, and it was perfectly reflected in the graph where the min, max, and average were on top of each other. The span, or difference between min and max, was typically at zero, suggesting consistent measurements.
The span is almost zero

I tried removing the low-time threshold from my interrupt code, but the ESC acted erratically, so I returned it. I began coding a function to calculate the running average of three or more readings. I thought about the data where even readings were consistently higher than odd ones and calculated the average of subsequent measurements, which didn't require heavy coding. I also changed the output to print RPMs instead of microsecond delays. The result showed a steady line, with a few blips, but a tachometer confirmed my readings were doubled.

The hall effect has some jitter, which I defeated with potentiometer adjustments and a minimum requirement. The sensor triggers a second time each rotation, which I overcame by averaging measurement pairs and dividing by two.
The graph matches the measurement

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