2022-11-25 (F) Weekly Summary

I wanted to dive right into writing my speed measurement and calibration code, but the Arduino acted squirrelly. I revised my motor pulse generation, but that didn't solve the problem. It seemed like the Bluetooth module was outputting bogus data.
Cool underlight

I conducted more tests to discover why my data line was streaming garbage. The biggest clue was when I disconnected the Arduino, and the problem persisted. If my problem acted like a disconnected pin, I should check for broken connections, and I found one in the serial line. I repaired it, and the data problems vanished.
That shouldn't happen

I tried to get usable readings off the hall effect module. I tightened up the sloppy readings with an adjustment to the module's potentiometer, but the noise was ridiculous until I ran the motor faster. At 5% speed, the sensor jitter was so bad it interfered with the regular operation, but it looked usable once I tried 20%.
Adjusting threshold potentiometer

One problem with my setup is that the sensor reads the magnet twice each rotation, but I averaged the values and divided by two. Once I saw consistent results, I converted the output to RPMs and confirmed with a handheld tachometer.
Handheld tachometer confirmation

I tightened up the calibrating code to run smoother and more reliably. The motor would accelerate, rest at a given speed, and spin up faster, all the way to full strength. Nothing over 90% was a usable reading, but I probably won't be applying power if I'm already going close to the motor's top speed.
Refined calibration tables

I started writing a function for flying-starts and ramping, and the code worked well at the bench without a load. Whenever I accelerated, no matter how fast the wheel was currently spinning, it would smoothly apply power.
Code to start while moving

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