2022-12-02 (F) Weekly Summary

I switched gears to work on Gravy Shock while I traveled to see family during the holidays. I should finish the skate project soon, but it travels less neatly than a laptop with a script.
Editing the first chapter

I wanted to work my edits into the voice play, so I evaluated each line of dialogue to see if the comic version, voice edition, or a third edit was superior.
Developing a rhythm

The voice play could have been better, but I was proud. After a couple of sensitivity readings, the best course is to re-record it. I can change many small details too.
Editing more easily

I spent my time creating a super short story about Jerry's family. They can be a bit morbid, and Jerry says they have family fairy tales that all tend to be bleak. I wrote an anecdote about overcoming Death in five sentences.
Micro story

I hit the point where we cut the script to fit in a comic issue. I may move this in the voice play or keep it closer to the original. It may be necessary to cut some material from the comic, but the voice play can be any length.
Material not in the first comic

I aligned the script and comic so that when I write new material, it can't derail the other. I matched the ending to the first book/act and saved the delayed material for revising and inclusion later.
Converted to voice play

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