2022-12-03 (Sa) Gravy Shock Formatting for act 1

I went through the script that wouldn't appear in the first act, but that was quick work. I set to formatting the script uniformly and for multiple actors. First, I placed all the actions or emotions in lowercase letters inside square brackets, and then I put exactly one line between each character's paragraph. I also counted the distinct voices and created a list at the front for easy reference. From the list, I assigned colors to the five main characters.

Changing each line of dialogue to the chosen color was a bigger hassle than I anticipated. I could have highlighted each paragraph and assigned the color manually, but I would have needed to perform that action over seven hundred times. I made a macro to select any passage I was hovering over and "Paste Formatting." I still had to make five passes over the script, but it was a mindless activity that paired nicely with an audiobook on my headset.
Hooray for formatting

Files on GitHub.
Interactive 3D houseboat model.

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