2022-12-30 (F) Weekly Summary

I ran my new microphone through its paces. The differences were stark. My old microphone included a lot of static which masked things the new one picked up, like my partner sleeping on the other side of a closed door. Impressive.
Microphone comparison in Ness 1.6

I wanted to record more, but I was too tired. My recording starts after household cleaning and the construction across the street dies down. Sometimes this messes with writing my blog too.
Ness 1.7

My improvement with Ness may be plateauing. It could be time two switch characters. I would voice Jerry next, and if I don't improve with him, it would be time to start fresh.
Ness 1.8

I still have plenty to learn about voiceover, which became apparent when I caught myself sounding bored. I slipped into a rut, probably from exhaustion, but I need to be more mindful of my tone. Or lack of it.
Ness 1.9

I went back to the beginning and switched to reading for Jerry. Getting his lines to match up with the ones I had already recorded was tricky, but having an existing track to respond to was terrific.
Jerry 1.1

Due to a keyboard error, I lost a bunch of lines. The picture with a blue selection is what disappeared. I recovered as much as possible, but I may ignore this issue since I went over the lines and learned what I needed.
Jerry 1.2

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