2022-01-06 (F) Weekly Summary

The biggest challenge today was keeping the sound files aligned. Ness and Jerry don't always alternate speaking in a conversation, so I am getting used to placing the clips in the right vicinity. I should align them in the next pass to sound like natural conversations with suitable pauses.
Jerry 1.3

I had a long session recording Jerry's dialogue, but if I don't start on the next steps, I may lose some momentum. I want to work on the soundtrack and the next recording phase.
Jerry 1.4

I started over with Ness. I recorded all of their lines without thought of perfecting them, only marking out the time so I'd have something to respond to when I did the other characters.
Ness 2.0

I recorded all of Jerry's lines for act one in a single day! It was more than I expected to accomplish, and I may have to redo some of his lines because I occasionally relaxed the effort I put into his voice.
Jerry 2.1

I did all of Marigold's lines, but they were peculiar because sometimes I meowed into a voice modulator, and sometimes I had to strain my throat, but I got through the script.
Marigold 2.1

I wanted to record Hampton and Stephanie together, but it was distracting to switch tracks, so I only did Hampton. I should add time markers in the script or visual features to the recording to make it more navigable.
Hampton 2.1

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