2023-01-11 (W) VoiceActing Desk upgrades

The desk was handy, but it took work to scoot everything around as I had hoped. The cables were unmanaged, and the power cords dragged on the floor. I do not like modifying equipment unless it is necessary or reversible. I decided some screws in the bottom of the table would be acceptable. To mount the power strip, I put a piece of masking tape across the back, jabbed holes into the mounting slots, then applied the template to the desk and drilled confidently.
Permanent mods

The power supplies for the monitors were small enough to wrap them with a zip tie that featured a mounting hole so that I could hang them off the edge of the desk neatly. I routed the wires over a couple of mounting pads. The mounting pads usually come with an adhesive backing, but I peeled it off and added it to the desk with short screws. The desk's portability is much higher, and moving it around does not feel like such a chore.
Table underside

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