2023-01-13 (F) Weekly Summary

I muted Stephanie's previous lines, but they were helpful as a timing reference. I also remembered that some of the voices were supposed to sound distorted to start because they're wearing helmets, so I'll have to add that effect later.
Stephanie 2.1

I voiced the station workers, but I leaned on the vocal processor to change my voice. Voice acting typically does these effectf after recording, but I needed the intuitiveness of recording in real-time.
Additional voices 2.1

I got through half of Ness's script, which was much better than the first pass, where I could only manage five-minute shifts. Part of the improvement was the recorded tracks because I could get into the flow like I was reading in a group.
Ness 2.1

I finished the last bit of voice recording for Ness, but in the process, I found a few missing lines from other characters, which I replaced on the spot.

The recording table was too cumbersome to move into a closet daily, so I secured a power strip and cables to the underside. I kept all the screws in the bottom, so the table looks new from the top.
Upgrading a table

The microphone holder was another problem because the springs would vibrate when I bumped the desk or used the keyboard. I dampened them with pieces of fabric.
Wrapped springs

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