2023-02-03 (F) Weekly Summary

I made three symbols representing the words "electronic wind chimes" by superimposing the letters. This is a time-waster I invented in high school, but I like how they look.
"electronic wind chimes" in symbol form

I cut the faceplate but messed up on the first try because the laser did not go through. I was happy with the result because it looks busy but not cluttered. I cannot wait to see it with all the components installed.
Tidy faceplate

I added most of the components to my faceplate, but the screen didn't fit, and the potentiometers were too close. I may have to recut the panel to correct the space, but I made everything fit and got a picture of how it should look.
Faceplate with all the operators held in place

I wired the 12V power conductors and ground wires to the components in the faceplate. I wanted to branch off from the encoder board, but I did not want to mess around with the connectors, so I wired everything in series.
Common and power wires installed

I constructed the project enclosure with only four visible screws, and they're in profile next to the face plate. I will install draw latches and speakers later, resulting in visible hardware, but the seams between the black and white pieces are tidy.
Face side

I dug out my adjustable circle cutter because I lost my hole saw kit. It took two batteries and a sore wrist to get through, but I made two clean holes, mounted the speakers, and one grille because I accidentally ordered a single instead of a pair.
Speakers and one grille

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