2023-03-04 (Sa) EWC_Box Mode1 random generation

I looked for an Arduino library to generate random numbers by measuring clock jitter. I used this in a previous version of Electronic Wind Chimes but left it out of other builds because it seemed unnecessary to generate such good numbers. Operating the drum machine, some of the starting beats were too similar, so I imported the ENTROPY library to seed my pseudo-random number generator. Before implementing the code, I programmed the sketch to output the generated notes, which were identical each time. Next, I activated the new code, and the values were unique each time.

I created a second mode that worked like the first, except it used ENTROPY's randomly generated numbers. The library cannot create values quickly, so I capped the tempo at 100 notes per minute. I had trouble when I let the upper and lower pitch limits get too close, but I found an error in the core EWC code I have used for years. Once fixed, the music did not stop.
Unseeded PRNG
Seeded by the entropy library

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