2023-03-11 (Sa) EWC_Box Percussion visuals

I added a few more instruments to the banned list, but the beats did not remind me of the ones I created with the drum machine. When I increased the tempo to absurd rates, they sounded better, but then I remembered there were four percussion slots in each beat. Therefore I will have to increase the pace.

I added a battery holder to the inside of the enclosure. I planned to use the kinds found in RC vehicles, but this was convenient to mount, and I could always add another battery adapter. I wired it into the circuit and tested my power buttons. The equalizer and controller turn on, and the light inside the PRandomize button is also illuminated.

Internal battery holder

I wrote a function to draw circles with a bit to control if they are dim or bright and another to indicate if they have a white background. The bright circles indicate they are playing a note at that time, and the white background follows the timing. I made an animation with six active notes.
Beat tracking

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