2023-03-15 (W) EWC_Box Playing notes manually

I returned to mode0() to add a feature I wanted from the start. The PRandomize button did nothing, but I wanted it to play a single note. I considered adding a new mode but opted to activate this style when I minimized the tempo. I could have split the code into two groups but used the existing timer to my advantage. In the standard mode, a timer starts at the beginning of a note, and when that timer expires, a new one may play. The new way sets that timer to zero when I press the PRandomize button, so a note plays immediately and fools the timer by setting it to its maximum. I did it all again for mode1().

I took a short video with the sound coming from the Line Out, and because of how I connected the equalizer, I could control the amplitude to it without interfering with the amplifier. I could hear everything without headphones or extra adapters. The PRandomize button made a loud click each time, and it treated the wooden face like a drum, but that is not audible in the video.
Manual notes (0:20)

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