2023-03-17 (F) Weekly Summary

I added a battery holder to the inside of the enclosure and wired it in. The percussion did not sound right, so I eliminated more instruments, but the big revelation was that my tempo was running at 0.25x. I wrote a function to display circles, and I can control their color and white background. With these colors, I can indicate if there is a note at any given location and show where the machine is in the loop.
Visualizing the beat

I got to work on the internal wiring I had yet to get to and added some new features. I installed a battery holder in the upper left corner, a couple of USB sockets in the lower left, a terminal strip next to it, and headphone adapters for the "Line Out" socket and amplifier input. Now, the unit is totally portable!
Completed internals

I had to update the way I interpreted the encoders. I used to set one bit high whenever one changed, but I needed to know which one I turned. I started tracking the previous values so that when I compared them to the most recent readings, the one I rotated would show a difference. With this adaptation, I could change instruments in my drum loops so that anytime I heard one I liked, I could alter it to one I loved.
Encoder tracking check

The same corrections worked on mode2() when I returned to fix it. Waiting to solve this problem saved time because the reformatting paved the way, and I knew what I wanted to change. The last update took several attempts due to errors and forgotten or misplaced code.
The screen for mode2() updates accordingly

I wanted to play one note at a time, so I added a feature to mode0() and mode1() that used the PRandomize button to trigger a prandom sound. In this manner, I can set my own tempo and the pauses between notes. Playing this way is more interactive, even with a single instrument.
Manual notes (0:20)

I wrote a function to "shuffle" the numbers zero through eight. I thought it would be easy, but I would offer the metaphor, "It was like training dice to act like cards."
Prandomly assigned order

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