2023-03-23 (Th) EWC_Box Pecussion in mode6()

My fiance said that good music should be like a conversation which was valuable feedback. While the melodic instruments do not loop, the composition does not "go anywhere." Changing the pitch, tempo, or instruments could develop a flow, but that interaction was not automatic.

I designed mode6() to make gradual changes so the music would evolve. I started with percussion loops to lay the groundwork, but I plan to wait for mode7() before I add melodic instruments. The values I can control are timers to decide how often the system will change a parameter. I set the maximum time between changes to 30 seconds, but I start the encoders at 15.

When I press the PRandomize button, it creates a beat loop, like mode4(), but all the parameters that would stay consistent, like in a drum machine, are subject to change. I listened to mode6() for a long time while I worked, and the shifting nature was nice, but it could have been better for intent listening because the alterations are minor, but it works well as background sound.

mode6() screenshot

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