2023-05-04 (Th) PhoneRobot COMPLETE

I remapped the positions in battle mode to accommodate the new arms and hard-coded those values. If I intended this to be a wide-acceptance product, I would probably integrate a point-and-select routine allowing users to map custom data points. I initiated a battle with Spark to test and allowed the default picks for my team, then let the robot fight for me. The movements successfully deployed shields and triggered Charged moves but did a poor job of swiping.

One of my concessions for this project was not using the Arduino to trigger emulated touches. The auto-clicker head required some peculiar voltages I did not anticipate, but I made a device that fights Pokémon GO battles.

I made another mode for raiding that uses three of the five battle positions to drag the auto clicker across the bottom of the screen. For fun, I added light animations that cycled while the arms moved. I also made a pseudo-random movement mode that shuttles the touch emulator around the screen.
(3:15) PhoneRobotREV1 demonstration

GitHub repo for PhoneRobot_REV1
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