2023-05-05 (F) Weekly Summary

I programmed the first three modes to position the arms freely or with servo help. The column of pushbuttons activated the touch emulator at different speeds or held it continuously. I tested the system's ability to "drag," but it could not maintain a reliable connection.
Programmed movement

I tried to make a new operating mode to fight PvP battles unaided. I ran into an issue where the phone did not accept many emulated touches. I returned to the drawing program and found that the problem stemmed from the touch emulator not sitting correctly and getting poor signals from the Arduino.
Tap test

I noticed problems with the faceplate and servo arms while programming the controller, so I made a second version. I added a window for the auto clicker and a cutout for a carrying handle. I also made room for a Pop Socket and added some holes to a servo arm for weight.
Improved draft

I revised my drawing to avoid loose wires and ensure successful cuts. The laser cutting went smoother because I ran it slower, then painted the faceplate green and the rest of the parts red.
Colors for the next version

I transferred the hardware to the new version, and only the lights and pushbutton needed rewiring. I used steel bolts this time for a cleaner appearance. The only hardware I swapped was the potentiometers.
Ready to control my phone

I made adjustments to the battle mode for the new arms and tested it against Spark. I created a raiding mode and added light animations for fun. Instead of using Arduino, I used a touch emulator to trigger clicks.
(3:15) PhoneRobotREV1 demonstration

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