2023-05-13 (Sa) Grindfest2023 Electric knife second buttplate design

I reconsidered the design, which relied on a screw threaded for cutting into wood, and decided I would have better results if I planned for machine screws. Instead of making the discs' slots narrow to catch threads, I made them with a cavity that would hold a long nut. I had nylon coupling nuts I could cut to length. I made the void large enough to fit a coupling nut, and the channel to the outside is three millimeters to pass a bolt.
Insert for holding plastic nuts

I cut twelve discs and assumed trimming a few pieces of plastic would be no trouble, but I needed to cut them accurately with squared ends. If I cut the nuts too long, they would not fit, but the short ones fell out. The method that worked was to place a nut in my drill and hold a razor over the spot I wanted to cut. Trimming worked the same way. I made six units.
Coupling nuts cut down and installed

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