2023-05-29 (M) KeyBoardolier Care Bear Keyboard programming

I wrote a debouncing function to test the diode matrix array, but it did not work. When I stripped out some of the collating code, I saw serial activity, and it let me correct it. The process recognized rising edges, so I could remove the delay that periodically reported every button state. The result was a clean report whenever I pressed a button. I printed the keypress as a two-digit number that reflected its position in the matrix.

I sketched a key layout but discarded media keys, like volume and mute, because they would require extra work to function with an Arduino Micro. I wanted to type a few symbols like omega and degrees, so I used alt-codes, like alt+234 = Ω. I had to use the decimal codes to ensure the computer understood I was using the numpad keys, but it worked well. My escape key also released any stuck keys, which is probably a good idea for home-brew keyboards. A couple of keys were not used, so I gave them elaborate combinations that would be inconvenient to type by hand, but AutoHotkey would recognize handily. Care Bear Keyboard is complete.
Connected and typing

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