2023-06-02 (F) Weekly Summary

My Arduino sketch wasn't working due to floating terminals. I found that the diodes were installed backward for my outputs. I couldn't use built-in pullup resistors, but pulldown resistors helped me read the channels clearly. I'll try again with the new setup.
Care Bear Keyboard needs more components

I added pulldown resistors and linked them. I used Kapton tape and made a USB extension. I can read serial data, but only one key per column. I attached summer-themed keycaps.
Revised and working circuit

I created a debouncing function for the diode matrix array. After fixing some collating code, I was able to recognize rising edges and remove delays. The resulting report is clean and displays each keypress as a two-digit number. I used alt-codes to type symbols and made sure the escape key releases any stuck keys. The keyboard is complete.
I returned to the focus of KeyBoardolier, a wearable keyboard, and sketched the new components on a drawing tablet. When I considered the workload, I decided to eliminate the musical portion of the project to see if I even liked a wearable QWERTY keyboard first.

I installed keyswitches onto the keyboard, then added diodes and copper wire. I should have used a vertical bus, but I added wire stubs so the diodes could reach their neighbors until I switched to longer components.
Underside soldering job

I drafted an Arduino Feather outline and placed it near the edge, but it may affect the offhand keys. I got an IO expander module to avoid relying on the onboard IO. Also, I created an LED cluster and power switch. I plan to stack strips to fill the gap and add wooden washers to ventilate the inside.
Extension parts

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