2023-06-17 (Sa) KeyBoardolier Offhand button wiring

I opened the keyboard lid to access the Arduino, which was under ten bolts. The microcontroller was fastened to the bottom plate, but I could access the top where I wanted to solder five wires for the offhand keys. I fished the conductors through the keyboard with a stiff wire and soldered them to the four new buttons.
Wired buttons

I trimmed the wires and added them to four free pins on the microcontroller, plus a ground wire. I reassembled the case without testing the new connections. Advanced keyboards use "layers" to access different functions with limited keys. Sometimes these are "Fn" buttons as you would find on a laptop, but I have four, and pressing combinations will access deeper layers. The plan is to limit changes to the right-hand side of the keyboard, so my left hand is free to operate the function keys, like the neck of a guitar.
Offhand keyswitches and cap

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