2023-06-23 (F) Weekly Summary

                I wrote my first Hackaday article in almost a year about an eye-catching device that was somewhere between a line-following robot and a marble run. All the tricks were inside, so it was a clean-looking device.

I added five wires to the keyboard for offhand keys. They connect to four new buttons and a ground wire on the microcontroller. I can now access deeper layers with my left hand while still typing with my right hand.
Offhand buttons getting conductors

I selected six easy-to-press layers, instead of sixteen, due to low Arduino memory. I used digitalRead() on analog pins to check the keys and built scaffolding for new modes, but they currently act like mode 00. I will replace known-good actions with experimental ones as I sketch out each key.
Allocating space in the sketch

A right key wasn't working due to a cold solder joint. Three keys on the left stopped working after installing the offhand buttons. I added an LED to test connections and found a dislodged diode. I removed hardware to fix the right key. Tested all buttons with LED feedback and sealed it up.
Opening the lid to make repairs

I combined the home/end/pgup/pgdn keys and the numpad into one modeand rerouted actions from the left-hand side keys to save memory. I programmed an AutoHotkey macro for volume control, but it didn't work, but I found a convoluted key combination that did work.
AutoHotkey script and Arduino sketch

I wanted a function key for typing letters super fast, but the Bluetooth could not keep up. I moved on to a retained-key function for scrolling through web pages without holding any buttons. I made a mode that ignores button releases, and it is easy to switch back with the escape key.
Retaining keys

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