2023-06-27 (Tu) Keyboardolier Loose ends

I used some sloppy math to operate the modifier keys, like shift, Alt, Ctrl, and GUI, but I should have controlled the four bits independently. I looked up how to write bits in an integer and tried the bitWrite() function with a Ctrl key in mode0. When it worked to press the key, I copied it over to the release, and when that worked, I updated the rest of the code.

My next task was writing strings from the keyboard, which differed from pressing and releasing keys. The code came from an Adafruit example meant to type data from a serial port, but I hard-coded several macros to open the "Run" prompt, then launch webpages or programs like, "notepad.exe" and "calc.exe."

Last, I updated the volume keys to use the proper volume controls instead of relying on an AutoHotkey macro. I also found a key for the calculator, so I corrected that. I am happy with the keyboard for now, but I can do better in the future.
Mute code on feedback and shown on screen

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