2023-07-11 (Tu) KeyRyptex Physically ready

I inspected the keyswitches and diodes of the troublesome column and even the solder on the IO expander module. I cut the wire between the column and the board, and the input still looked like it was activated in the code. I worried that something in my code could make the first column act funny, but when I rerouted it to look at a spare input pin instead, the problem disappeared. I permanently connected the column to the spare input, and the serial output showed everything working. I also repaired the broken connection on the H key.
No visible abnormalities

I started a lengthy switch(case) function to convert the key addresses into alphanumeric characters corresponding to their keycaps. I have not learned how to recognize puzzle solutions, but they will be similar to a stack. I also need to wire the LED and secure the Arduino in the center.
Typing test

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