2023-07-30 (Su) GrinderCompassMKII Steel endcaps

The magnets I chose for the compass spinners were hollow cylinders, and I needed to hold them from above and below with a couple of pins. I designed discs to sit on the ends and provide a cup for the nails. I picked thin steel because it should sit on the magnet without moving and is pliable enough to take a divot but strong enough to withstand extended use.

I cut a steel strip from an Altoids container with a cutting disc in a rotary tool. The head of a #6 countersunk machine screw was approximately the diameter I needed, so I used it as a template to cut a bit of the sheet, then stuck it to the bolt with some double-sided tape. I held the bolt in a drill, placed the cutting disc at a right angle, and then ran them together to grind the steel into a circle.
Rounding technique

The result was a clean steel circle with the same diameter as the screw head. The process was slow since I had to move the spinning parts together gradually or risk dislodging the part. After the first piece, I also ground off the paint.
Disc formed

I made five discs, two for each spinner and a spare. I used an automatic punch to divot the center. When I applied the full force and activated the internal hammer, the pressure pierced the steel. Fortunately, I did not test on one of the discs.
Four 12mm steel discs with center divots

GitHub files for GrinderCompass
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