2023-08-12 (Sa) GrinderCompassMKII Feedback attempt 001

I was satisfied with the compass spinner, axle, and fasteners, so I focused on creating feedback. I designed a couple based on the previous frame, but I made them wider to accommodate a couple of steel ball bearings I would attach to the sides of the magnet. Each vertical support had holes where I wanted to install copper that would dangle by the magnet, and the spinning bearings could collide. The collision would be haptic feedback. I could not get the wire shaped properly, despite cutting jigs for the job, and when I managed to get it in range, the spinner stopped moving.
Wire models

I changed my plan to point an M3 bolt at the bottom half of the spinner. I might have enough precision to get the bolt tip close enough to the bearing to touch but not block the spinning. The rigid bolt applied too much friction to overcome. If the bolt had something flexible, it may be possible to use the design.
Nylon bolt model

GitHub files for GrinderCompass
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