2023-08-20 (Su) GrinderCompassMKII All-metal frame

I coiled wires around objects, like a round pill container and a double-A battery. I assumed I would have to wrap both with copper wire, then determine how much the coil expanded after I released it, but if I kept the wire snug, it hardly changed when I let go. I soldered a brass nut to the bottom and tested its bounce by bumping my hand against the table. I tried attaching the battery-wrapped cable to the top of the compass, but I could not assemble it with my bare hands.
Battery-wrapped copper spring

I had some 12AWG bare copper wire, so I bent it into the approximate size of a frame because I can easily solder a copper spring anywhere. I cut a couple of brass cones from the nail heads, but they were so large they interfered with the beads, so I made a couple of smaller ones that were easier to assemble. I "tuned" the frame by bending the ends closer and further until the axle could turn freely without wobble. I removed the spinner and placed the coil, but it would rub against the cone, so I needed to reconsider how to make the frame.
Copper frame with brass cones soldered to the ends

GitHub files for GrinderCompass
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