2023-09-08 (F) Weekly Summary

An idea struck me in the shower to suspend a brass washer from elastic jewelry bands. I struggled with designing an adjustable frame. I drilled holes into flat brass stock and attached it in the same way I usually connected nuts using a threaded rod. Connecting a thin elastic cord to nylon hardware was challenging. I drilled 1.5mm holes into acorn nuts, where I threaded the material. The problem was that I needed much longer bands to allow sufficient movement.
Brass spacer on elastic strings

I tried using horizontally spinning brass beads that could collide with the compass spinner, but the suspension cord imposed excessive friction. I also experimented with a new design that spun two spheres on a low-friction rod.
Two spinning axles

The challenge in this project is suspending a weight to wobble just the right amount. I've tried metal springs, which were too rigid, and elastic cords, which didn't work. Now, I am using brass beads on a segment to create gentle motion. I'm working on improving my build for future iterations.
Brass bead on a loop of elastic string

I experimented with an elastic cord and brass bead and found that suspending it from two sides minimized motion. I made an oversized copper frame with pincers to hold a bead and guide the string. To refine the design, I will need to test the ideal string length, hoop diameter, and bead count.
Over-sized frame

My friend presented at DEFCON31 on her workplace door implant. I rewatched the video to take bullet points and made a feature picture with Miana, the speaker, and one of her slides.

I designed a string positioner using two beads between laser-cut plywood. I drafted a jig to form a wide frame and used long coupler nuts to mount the spinner. The string positioner used a standoff, making it mountable inside an enclosure.
Small frame with highly positionable beads

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