2023-09-28 (Th) EWC_Cyberdeck Enclosure failure

I created a GitHub repo for the EWC_Cyberdeck and uploaded the right-hand files.

I started on the enclosure for the left-hand components. I sorted most of the layout, but I moved the light bar so it would not interfere with the keys or fasteners. While the parts were cut on the laser, I designed the pieces to go on the edges, starting with the handle, which was unique to the left side. Unlike the right-hand side, I will install coupler nuts in the internal stacks so the holes are hexagonal, and I had to cut down some plastic threaded standoffs with a scalpel.
Hollow handle with shortened coupler nuts

I cut the faceplate and most of the stacking pieces painted the keyboard and handle yellow and the bottom black, and left them to dry. A few hours later, I realized I needed to include the Arduino, which would significantly extend the design and change the paint pattern. Except for the internal handle parts, I must discard everything I cut.
Half-painted and fully unusable

GitHub repo for EWC_Cyberdeck.

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