2023-10-10 (Tu) Phlute Concept and flute draft

I had a fun idea to create a wind instrument that emitted Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency notes. DTMF is what phones use for touch-tone dialing. The electronic machine that did this was called a Red Box in the phone phreaking era, so my device is an homage to those and a chance to experiment with analog musical instruments.

I watched a couple of YouTube videos on how to build a PVC recorder and some Instructables on the subject until I knew the parts well enough to make one from laser-cut parts.

One problem with the information I gathered was that I needed to learn how to make specific tones. Instead, they focused on the build as a playable musical instrument. I drafted a blocky version with measurements to add holes with a drill once I cut the pieces and assembled them.
Flute parts

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