2023-10-17 (Tu) Phlute Working but impractical

I decided to make a pipe for each tone, but I started by trying to replicate the tube that was effectively the 2 button. The clone sounded close, but I think the window/labium size affected the pitch, so it was not exact.

I focused on one frequency at a time, starting with the higher-pitched column frequencies. I cut tubes of 1/2" PVC and trimmed them until their tone was near what I wanted, then expanded holes in the cap until I created the desired note. I could not achieve the highest frequency, 1633Hz, but that one was only used for technicians and phreakers. I want to get it, but I do not want to spin my wheels any longer.

I used 3/4" PVC for the row frequencies since they were lower. I did not have enough wooden blocks for each pipe, so I had to swap my single piece for testing. I made a tube with each pitch and installed everything with PVC couplers, but the unit was much larger than I anticipated when I started the project. I want to revise and make something portable.
Larger than anticipated

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