2023-11-10 (F) Weekly Summary

I started the coding by downloading Adafruit's libraries for the NeoRotary 4 and everything associated with it. I opened my EWC_Box code, where I had all the music generation and screen functions. I modified both to handle two screens and two encoder boards. The first step is to upload the code and confirm that all my connections are in order.
Starting sketches

Powering up a new device for the first time can be nerve-wracking. But this time, everything seemed fine until I lost connection. I tried replacing the cable, but the issue persisted. After some troubleshooting, I realized that the button PCB was causing a short due to the height of its solder joints, so I inserted a plastic strip between the Arduino and the protoboard to fix the issue.
Fully knobbed

I created a reusable program to test my analog and digital inputs. Everything tested well, except one of the analog inputs wouldn't go below 87 out of 1023, possibly due to a problem with the potentiometer.
Input testing displaying on serial port

I designed an enclosure to protect my device from damage. It will have columns of cut wood shapes to hold rectangular panels. I cut a copy with all the parts, but it failed twice due to the plywood.
Drafted enclosure sides and supports

I fixed my connections at the maker space by making the screen circuits consistently 5V. I also corrected my encoder connections by moving them to the I2C pins.
Wiring correction showing the I2C port on an Arduino Mega

I changed the speed of my laser engraver to cut through the wood panels, then assembled with spacers between each panel holder to use less material, which made it easier to slip the sides into the grooves. The pieces were difficult to install, but they look nice.
Enclosed but the screens do not work

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