2024-03-01 (F) Weekly Summary

I bought a large plastic padlock from a toy store and wanted to make comically large lock picks to go with it. I designed the pick to look like a typical one but with a hollow handle for hanging. The tip is round for easy cutting, but it is not trying to be a legitimate tool because a curved tip is undesirable.
3D rendering of a comically large lock pick

I cut a test unit in ugly green plastic, but I shortened it and designed a wrench to go with it. When I understood the settings, I cut red and blue plastic picks for a colorful set and even picked the lock with my new toys.
Toy picks for a toy lock

The PCB motors didn't work as expected, and people suggested other options. I returned to the original model with a cheap gear motor but faced problems integrating a speed controller and mounting the motor. I tried an unusual speed controller using diodes and switches to control the voltage.
Spinner circuit schematic

I tested the diode series regulator on a breadboard, and it worked well. The diodes got warm, but the motor stayed cool. The speed changed as I hoped.
Proving out the circuit

I imported my gear motor footprint from an early version and incorporated it into the design. I added standoff holes and a place to clip a lanyard. The design is nearly ready for ordering.
Rendered PCB

There was some trouble ordering parts because I could not always tell which components were in stock and which were "supported" meaning there was only a digital footprint. I compiled a usable board and submitted my order for five prototypes.
Revised board

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