2024-03-28 (Th) RADARBadge Board tidying

I changed resistor values on my 555 circuit to alter the timing sequence. It used to hold one light high 90% of the time and briefly flicker the other, but I wanted closer to 50%. The easiest solution was to make a couple of the resistors the same value instead of the published values, where one was 10x larger. I modified the circuit and reconfigured the PCB layout, which gained an LED.
555 circuit with two lights

My fiance once held one of the lightbulb boards to her hair bun and said that might be cool, so I made a version with no circuitry, but it had four spikes at the bottom. I also modified the tiny wrench so it would fit the M3 nuts better, and it is shaped like a wrench.
Less-than-ideal hairpin

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