2024-04-20 (Sa) PCBDiceTower LED diffusing

My designer friend and I discussed the preferred way to tame the intense lights. He suggested several layers of nail polish, which reminded me that folx have used hot glue as a light-diffusing material. I had some cloudy glow-in-the-dark glue sticks. I applied some to the purple and white LEDs but added tendrils off the green light to see if I could make lit shapes.

Small puddles were not enough to dissipate the light, so I enlarged the purple, which looked all right after a second application. The white charged the glow glue a little, but none of the other colors worked. The shapes on the green LED worked a bit, but I could not make neat lines. Hot glue has merits, but I must be careful about using it.

Hot glue light diffusion

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