2024-05-10 (F) Weekly Summary

Grindfest, a biohacker gathering, includes electric knife fights as a bonding and exciting tradition. I've been rebuilding the knives over the years, and this time, I had to replace one crooked blade and add new layers of aluminum tape to three knives. The red plastic switch adapters were smoothed out with acetone swabbing.
Three refurbished knives

Last year, I supplied three knives for the tournament, but we barely made it to the end with a usable pair. I wanted a fourth knife this year and gathered parts to make it. I made the handle from clear polycarbonate tubing and the electronics from a damaged knife. I modified a training knife with a saw and razor knife. Grindfest2024 is ready with four working knives.
Refurbished tournament knives

I received the latest parts for the PCB Dice tower, so I assembled it and soldered the electronic components. Some bezels looked great, but the colored ones did not match the aesthetic, and the black ones did not pop. I used paper towels to dampen the light on this version.
REV4 PCBDiceTower

The PCB Tower parts arrived with the Grindfest badge parts. I took pictures to make a parts list for anyone assembling a badge. I made pictures of logically grouped parts and one final image with every component.
Grindfest2024 badge components

I took pictures of each step while I assembled a badge. I went out of order, so I must ensure the images go in a logical sequence. The assembled badge worked perfectly.
Operational Grindfest badge

I gathered my parts and assembly pictures into a manual for collecting and assembling parts. The document was six pages long, and I wrote eleven steps to assemble everything.
Instruction manual

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