2024-05-12 (Su) EleKSCo Electric rapier handle

I found my 1" (25mm) ID polycarbonate tubing from the first knife iterations, so I bought a 1" wooden dowel. I pushed the dowel into the tube, which was steady after I got 1" deep. I planned for 2" (50mm) as I laid out the parts. There was a button and adapter from the previous builds, and I purchased a shocker. I planned for double-split collars to hold the fiberglass tube, but they were still shipping. After I accounted for everything, the handle was approximately the same length as the knife handles.
Electronics and handle parts

The first work was cutting the dowel. I cut 2", drilled down the center, colored it black with a marker, and then put it on the fiberglass rod. When I stuck it in the polycarbonate tube, I realized I had forgotten holes to run the wires, so I forced it out and added two  1/8" (3 mm) holes along the sides. The holes matched up to a clamp meant for 8mm metal rods, which looked like a nice hilt.

I cut and drilled a length of polycarbonate tube and deburred the cuts. I had to widen the switch hole with a razor knife but hid the marring under the plastic switch adapter. The wooden dowel was pretty secure, but I added four 1/2" (12mm) countersunk screws. I soldered my electrical connections and installed them inside the handle. All the electronics worked when I closed up the handle, and it could throw a spark when I got close to something conductive.
Working handle

GitHub repo for EleKSco.
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