2024-05-13 (M) EleKSCo Electric rapier COMPLETED

Two double-split 5/16" (8mm) collars arrived so I could work on the blade. The first step was to round off the collar's tightening bolts since they would not fit into the handle. Next, I drilled two holes in the collar so my high-voltage wires could reach the blade. Pushing the blade through the handle was much more work than anticipated due to the tight fit. I am confident the blade will not come out during a match.
Fiberglass rod and electronics installed

The blade, a complex structure, is a series of aluminum tape segments meticulously wrapped around the fiberglass rod. Each strip has a different polarity than its neighbor. Insulated wires run under each strip, serving as conduits to carry current to the end. Any conductive material, like a person, that touches the gaps between the tape will provide an electrical path, adding to the intricacy of the design.

The sword is longer than I wanted, and the end is a bit wild because the fiberglass bends easily. Everything was sturdy, and I am eager to fight with this sword.
Completed electric rapier

GitHub repo for EleKSco.
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