2024-06-07 (F) Weekly Summary

I copied my technique from the previous axles I made by grinding down stock brass rods with a rotary tool, a hacksaw blade, and sanding discs. Each axle is a little different, but they are balanced and symmetrical.
Brass axles

I booted my resin printer, updated the firmware, and ignored the wilted-looking FEP film at the bottom. The resulting print showed why I should have paid attention to the film. My magnetic build plate also failed, so I will perform a tune-up next.
Wobbly print

My printer finally received some much-needed maintenance. I removed the rotten magnetic sheet on the platen, which caused lots of problems anyway. I replaced the FEP film on the resin vat, but this time, I used power tools, which cut the repair time significantly.
Two chassis prints

I remodeled the enclosure to print better. The top and bottom were rounded to help it release from the platen. I swapped the lower bolt hole for a dais with a conical divot where the magnet spinner would rest. Lastly, I removed the spindly legs in favor of walls with an opening to insert the magnet.
Curved ends and vertical feedback mount

I cured my print with a UV flashlight and tried installing the magnet spinner, but I could not get it seated, tightened, and released. The release was the hard part. In previous versions, I could handle the magnet with my fingers, but this time, I had a narrow window to navigate.
Could not seat the magnet

I designed tweezers for installing the magnet, which are shown in blue. The spatulas at the end will cup the cylinder shape but allow the axle to sneak out once it is positioned. I need to print two copies and fasten them with nuts and a bolt.
Blue magnet will slip into the cloven spatula

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