2024-06-28 (F) Weekly Summary

I printed the exterior cage and added a rubber band to the cleats, but it was not tensed this time. When I installed the interior cage, it could bounce and wiggle a bit when I shook it.
Interior cage can bounce

I revised the exterior cage to have windows, be shorter, and include a constellation of holes on the bottom where I can add a brass feedback bolt.
REV7 cage

I made the rubber band looser this time, and my interior cage bounced around noticeably. When I added a long threaded rod to the bottom, the spinner beads collided forcefully, and I felt and heard a metallic clang when the device pointed north! This was the feedback I was chasing.
Working feedback!

REV 8 was about miniaturizing the design. I moved the interior cleats closer to the hub and shrunk the external cage, resulting in feedback as strong as REV7 in a smaller device. However, my rubber band tension still needs improvement.
REV8: smaller, but touchier

REV9 updated the interior and exterior cages. The exterior cage moved the feedback hole in the bottom, and the interior cage changed from four thin support arms to two thick ones. I also updated the cleats on both to make it easier to install the rubber bands.
REV9 models, the smallest yet

REV9's assembly was the easiest yet because the minimal interior cage no longer encompassed the magnet on four sides. This hindered the functionality, and I need to make more changes.
REV9 working

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