2024-05-17 (F) Weekly Summary

I am building an extra-long rapier as an exhibition electric weapon for Grindfest this year. The "blade" will be an aluminum-coated fiberglass rod, and the handle will be similar to the stock knives.
Electric rapier sketches

I built the sword handle from thick-walled polycarbonate tubing, leftover electric knife parts, and a wooden dowel to hold a fiberglass rod to the plastic. The electronics were identical to the stock electric knives, but they had to run through the dowel in the hilt.
Shocking handle

I completed the electric sword. The blade was a fiberglass rod wrapped in aluminum tape strips, but it was the gaps that caused shocks. The adjacent strips had opposite polarities, which required an insulated conductor under each piece. The sword was sturdy, functional, and ready to fight.
Completed electric rapier

I have an upcoming talk about why inventors should document their work and some helpful ways to make recording easier. I mapped out the ideas in a thorough, but inexhaustive, mind map to help solidify my thoughts.
Mind map for documentation talk

I started the first slides for my documentation talk, but each bullet point contains a ton of information. I will make detailed notes that I can reference during the presentation.
Start of slideshow

I experimented with different setups, but the best method was presenting to a Google meeting on my phone while displaying the slide deck on my laptop connected to a projector. The phone showed speaker notes and let me change slides.
Unpaid A/V technicians

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