2024-05-31 (F) Weekly Summary

At Grindfest, I had an early time slot to help people assemble their electronic badges. Setting out the components in order, I found that the instructions were clear, and I mostly ended up chatting with people. The main issues were a parts shortage and some laser-cut wooden motor mounts, but we made adjustments, and everyone got a working badge.
Badge builders

I gave my Documentation Talk amidst technical difficulties. The internet was sluggish when it worked, and my setup required an active Google Meet. I backed up my notes beforehand, so I gave the lecture and even received a compliment about pushing through.

Someone had an excised PegLeg that needed recoating, and I modeled the cavity shape using OpenSCAD. I learned how sprues worked in casting and let people skilled in molds use the shape and code.
Cavity model

I restarted the implantable mechanical compass project after Grindfest, where several people expressed interest. This version will rely on 3D printing, so I started with a simple parameterized model similar.
Implantable compass chassis

The feedback on every previous compass was weak, but I never connected the feedback mechanism to the chassis, so it would also be a challenge to feel. I will add a bolt hole through the bottom to intersect the spinner.
Bottom half of compass chassis

I updated the model to include a movable hole to install a stationary bolt directly under the compass spinner. The hexagonal divot should help seat a nut and keep it from rotating.
Feedback bolt hole and nut groove

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