2024-06-14 (F) Weekly Summary

I printed tweezers to help install the magnets, but they did not release once in position. I used one half like a spatula to maneuver the magnet into position, but it took all evening to get it right. I was delighted with how solid it felt after assembly.
Spinner installed

I bought some white resin to make magnet installation easier next time. The formula was a stronger resin, and two prints would not release from the print bed and cracked. I repaired them by dipping the exposed plastic in the vat, holding the pieces together, and curing the break with a UV flashlight.
White chassis and tweezer

I made some revisions to the enclosure, including adding an arched entryway to help the top print cleanly without support and creating a long slot for a bolt and nuts along the back wall. After making these changes, I started to think about the overall design and realized that the issue lies in the compass spinner colliding with an immovable post. I want the spinner to hit a bolt mounted to the case, but they need to be able to move relative to each other to prevent binding.
Further optimized

I sketched the following concept for the compass. This version used a couple of nested cages held apart with elastic bands. The internal structure held the magnet spinner, and the external held everything inside.
Sketch for cage design

I drafted the internal cage. Instead of one set of elastic holes, there were three sets to experiment with the optimal elastic placement.
Internal cage model

The external cage was similar to the internal, except it was large enough to fit its partner, and the cleats were on the inside. If the design works, it should be easy to convert this into something with fewer corners.
External cage model

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