2024-06-21 (F) Weekly Summary

I printed copies of the internal and external cages. It was a challenge to get the internal cage inside the external cage, but it worked after lightly bending the bars. I used thin rubber bands to hold them in place, but they were more rigid than I wanted. I dropped the unit and shattered the external cage before installing a magnet.
Broken cages

Before the previous print broke, I made a list of changes, like a more robust top and bottom for the external cage, fewer rubber band holes, and a holey lid for the external cage.
External and internal cages

REV3 was more rugged than previous prints and only a bit wider than a D-cell battery. The magnet spun freely, and it was a well-contained version. I still have changes to implement and it needs feedback.
REV3 cages assembled

The next revision had a larger external cage to fit the inner, but it was also thicker, so when I inevitably drop it again, it should not shatter. I added a nut socket to the lid, but I calculated incorrectly, and it needed to be wider for an M3 nut. I fit an M2.5 nut, but barely.
REV4 cages with yellow rubber band

I revised the internal cage to fit a magnet spinner with two steel balls. I shortened it considerably and installed it without the bottom rubber band. Even with a single elastic, I did not get much movement.
Short REV5 internal cage

I revamped the external cage by making it a rounded cube. The structure should be sturdy and easy to print. In a later revision, I will add "windows" to the sides.
Revised interior cage and new exterior cage

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