2024-07-02 (Tu) GrinderCompassMKIII Spinner printed

The axles were a couple of 1/8" brass rod segments that I sharpened and added a shoulder at one end. I tried several methods to quickly grind down the ends with a rotary tool. The first method was spinning the brass segment and reducing the end with a hacksaw blade, but it required a lot of force. The second technique was a sandpaper disc on another rotary tool, but it was slow, and the sandpaper needed changing often. The last way worked the quickest where I spun the brass segment and the second rotary tool used a cut-off disc held perpendicular to the rod.
Brass axles

I had a couple of potential axles and a printed spinner, but I could not mate them. The axle hole was too narrow. I measured the opening at 2.75mm, but it should have been 3.175mm.
Missized axle hole

GitHub files for GrinderCompass
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