2024-07-05 (F) Weekly Summary

I revised the exterior cage according to my notes but encountered problems installing the hardware. I ordered new bolts, but they were too short. I trimmed a couple and a standoff, then fastened it inside the compass. The top nut was loose, but I could turn it to adjust the height. The design worked, but the spinner started rattling and spinning poorly.

I started a new design where the feedback hardware is within a perimeter of magnets instead of outside a magnet at the hub. The program currently supports an arbitrary diameter and distributes any number of bar magnet holes along the rim.
Various rings with variable magnets

I continued the design by adding a hub. The axle will be a brass rod with sharpened ends. Previous axles were finicky to produce, but this one should require less machining.
Spinner with axle holder

I ground a couple of brass axles. I did not worry about the precise length of these first versions, but they were similar. I tried a few techniques, but the fastest method was to spin the brass rod with a rotary tool while grinding the tip with a second tool using a cut-off wheel.
Axles cut from brass rod

I had to drill out the axle hole, but I got an axle seated firmly. The magnets went in without any issue, so my hypothesis about the printer or software skewing the model is disproven. I also have to figure out why the spinner was unbalanced.
Rigid spinner

The axle hole issue bothered me, so I generated seven axle sockets with increasing diameters described by the text. If I cannot discover a code error, I should be able to find a workable model.
Test axle sockets

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